The End — Godspeed, @FakeCoachWilson

As you’ve figured, the career of the @FakeCoachWilson Twitter account has come to its natural and inevitable end. The circumstances of Kevin Wilson’s resignation from the Indiana Football program have made make it awkward and increasingly irrelevant to continue. Personally, I fully support the actions undertaken by Fred Glass in his choice to transition the leadership of the program to Coach Tom Allen.

It’s time for new voices to take the lead on the #iufb twittersphere, so I will leave the role of  fake head coach to others. Remember, it’s a strange sort of responsibility. Even in the voice of parody, those who take the mantle must be sure to represent the sort of program that they would like Indiana Football to be.

First and foremost, my greatest thanks go to Kevin Wilson for not only providing the basis of the character but for his hard work in building the sort modern football culture in Bloomington which has been lacking for a generation. The unique character of the actual Coach Wilson made the story easy to write, taking strands from everyday happenings to build an alternative character who would share many of his strengths. Coach Wilson is not only a football coach of the highest ability and intellect, but a thoughtful and quality individual who brought an expansive sense of family from his own life into the greater Indiana Football community. I also believe that real Kevin Wilson is way funnier in the real world than @FakeCoachWilson was on the internet. I wish nothing but the best for Kevin Wilson and his family.

Thanks to all of the Indiana Football beat writers who have kept the information flowing over the years — without your help, there would have been no content to riff from. The long list starts with Dustin Dopirak, Hugh Kellenberger, and Mike Miller working for the Herald-Times, Zach Osterman, David Woods, Mark Alesia, & Terry Hutchens from the Indianapolis Star, Mike Glasscott, Ken Bikoff, and the line of Indiana Daily Student reporters. Credit also goes to the many folks behind the fantastic blogs which cover #iufb. Please keep reading and supporting @CrimsonQuarry, @HoosierHuddle, & @PuntJohnPunt as the fight they good fight. Also, thanks to national reporters Dan Wolken, Doug Ferrar, Adam Jacobi, Adam Rittenberg, Dan Wetzel, and Pat Forde for playing along, as well as Dave Revsine of the Big Ten Network for being a good sport.

Closer to home, thanks for the support of @CrimsonCast and its principals Dr. Galen Clavio & Scott Caulfield for being a voice of reason in the wilderness of IU fandom, and thanks to @ChronicHoosier for being the founding father of the original IU commentariat and twittersphere.

Thanks to the members of the small fraternity of parody coaching accounts on Twitter. Particularly @DaggumRoy, @FauxPelini, & @BeingBeliema for their support and inspiration. I’d also like to recognize the brief and glorious run of @HopefulDanny and the folks behind the account up the road at Boiled Sports.

None of this would have carried on without the tolerance of the Indiana University Athletics Department. Special thanks to Fred Glass and Jeremy Grey for their forbearance. An apology is owed to Tom Crean — @FakeCoachWilson needed a foil, and the basketball program provided just too much to opportunity. Like all Hoosiers, we stand firmly and enthusiastically behind the #iubb program. Also, a huge thanks to Tracy Smith for building the Indiana Baseball program into a new and wonderful Bloomington tradition.

 Thanks go to young men who have chosen to represent our University. Their commitment, delivered through uncountable hours of dedication, should not be taken for granted. For playing the harsh and demanding game of football while undertaking their college experience, they deserve our thanks. The list of unique and talented individuals over the Wilson years is long and will not be forgotten. From Tre Roberson & Cam Coffman, to Kofi Hughes & Cody Latimer, to Tevin Coleman & Jordan Howard, to Greg Heban & Mark Murphy, to Nate Sudfeld & Ted Bolser, to Jason Spriggs, Dan Feeney & Collin Rahrig, to Mitch Ewald & Mitchell Paige, Teddy Schell & Matt Dooley, to Shane Wynn & Zander Diamont, and so so many others — thank you so much for being Hoosiers and building such a strong legacy for Hoosier teams to come.

It’s been a strange thrill to be the steward of this character and account, from the appearance of a #helmetsticker banner during Season #1 to Mike Glasscott dropping a #victorybacon reference on the stadium PA during the Old Oaken Bucket game this past November. It’s been a pleasure to interact with so many Hoosiers through the account — while the credit is to be shared with all of you, I’d like to give a spotlight of thanks to @JeffShowalter for his relentless enthusiasm.

Finally, my thanks to my attorney @JasonLKennedy for his support and keeping me from being sued.

Thanks for your support & #victorybacon forever.

Godspeed Hoosiers, @FakeCoachWilson

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#CrockpotWednesday: Venison Roast

Thanks to the F-250 of a neighbor of the @FakeCoachWilson family, our #iufb family at The NEZ are making the last #CrockpotWednesday of the year an early Thanksgiving with an outstanding venison roast:

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.23.24 PM


2 (10-3/4 oz) cans cream of mushroom soup
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
2 cups beef broth
1 TBS garlic powder
2 TBS  onion powder
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced (optional)
3 to 4 lb venison roast


Spray a large crock pot with vegetable oil. Add the cream soup, onion soup mix, beef broth, garlic powder, onion powder and parsley together; whisking until smooth. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Fold in the mushrooms.

Place the venison roast into the crock pot and spoon some of the mixture over the roast. Cover and cook on high for 5 hours (8 hours on low). If the roast is frozen, cook on high for 8 to 10 hours; or until meat falls apart.

Serve over buttered noodles, cooked rice, mashed potatoes or bread slices.

If you don’t have a slow cooker, just bake the roast at 275 degrees for 4 to 5 hours or until tender.


Never Daunted: A New Follower’s Guide to @FakeCoachWilson

Updated for 2015:

With the hiring of Kevin Wilson as the Indiana University Head Coach in December of 2010, the Hoosier football program began a long journey out of obscurity towards relevance.

At the same time, Athletic Director Fred Glass and his staff began to make strides to greatly increase the profile of the #iufb program across several media platforms, both traditional and digital. Sometime in March 2011, a rift developed in time-space continuum of the internet opening a new parallel universe whose timeline spread out into the expanding landscape of Twitter. From that rift, somewhere near Bloomington, emerged the voice of @FakeCoachWilson.*

The story of @FakeCoachWilson has played out daily in 140 character bursts through the ups and down of a fake football staff, through recruiting coups and de-commitments, rousing pep talks, crushing losses, and a single win in 2011. Along the way themes emerged — memes and catchphrases, characters and rivals, habits and hates. Collected here is a basic (and not entirely complete) glossary which should help acquaint those new to the world of @FakeCoachWilson.


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.54.50 PM

@FakeCoachWilson — Football Coach, Husband, Father, competitive golfer, aficionado of crockpot cuisine, master of profanity, consumer of 16 oz. beers, spread offense genius, lover, proud American.

Lexy@FakeCoachWilson‘s secretary, who through frequent commands are passed. Named for the original audio messaging service used in tweets by new #iufb coach Kevin Wilson in early 2011.

Bossman Fred — IU Athletic Director Fred Glass, occasional #CrockpotWednesday guest, friend of the program, and good guy. An fireworks enthusiast and keeper of the #iufb commitment cannon,  he’s occasionally known as “Grateful Fred” for his love of classic rock and jam bands.

The @FakeCoachWilson Family — Mrs. Coach & Kids #1, #2, #3, #4, & # 5: The large family of @FakeCoachWilson includes Mrs. Coach, who he lunches with on Thursdays of game weeks, three teen girls, and two boys — also occasionally referred to as Spike & Ike.

Nancy Boy — #iubb Head Coach Tom Crean, the number one “frenemy” of @FakeCoachWilson.

Centers, Long Snappers, & O-Linemen — As a former walk-on at center for North Carolina, @FakeCoachWilson has a special place in his heart for offensive linemen: “Because the world just makes more sense looking through your legs upside-down.”

Kid Soccer Coach — IU Head Soccer Coach Todd Yeagley, roadtrip buddy of @FCW, whose chubby chipmunk cheeks earn him the “Kid” nickname.

Lunch Lady — nickname for Director of Performance Nutrition Amy Freel, who keeps a watchful eye on what #iufb athletes eat. Not a fan of #victorybacon.

President Dundee — IU President Michael McRobbie, the uber-boss of @FakeCoachWilson, is occasionally referred to as “President Dundee” or “President Serious” due to his background as an Australian. At least once a season, President Dundee comes out to practice to impress the team with stories about his days playing “footy” as a ruck-rover for St. Kilda.

Runkle — Assistant Athletic Director Jeremy Grey, once-upon-a-time host of the Kevin Wilson TV show, serial high tech bowling shirt wearer, and look-alike for the Runkle character on Californication

Aunt Jane — Jane Hoeppner, family friend of the @FakeCoachWilson Family, widow of former #iufb Head Coach Terry Hoeppner. Friend of the program

Grandpa Mallory — Former & all-time winningest #iufb Head Coach Bill Mallory, father of former Assistant Coach  Doug Mallory, driver of the fondly remembered spring break RV.

The Doorman/Commodore on the Ladder — David Woodley, Director of the Marching Hundred nerds.

Frequently Mentioned Staff:

Coach Kevin Johns — QB & WR Coach, Co-Coordinator. Brainiac, made mostly of gristle, Staff “Connect Four” Champion Winter 2012, 13 & 14.

Coach Greg Frey — Offensive Line Coach — Big man, secret coaching genius, & occasional goofball.

Coach William Inge — 2013 addition, Linebackers Coach, The John Shaft of the #iufb staff.

Coach James Patton — 2013 addition, Swiss Army Knife Coach, long time compadre of @FakeCoachWilson on the dusty trail of coaching.

Coach Brian “Soup” Knorr — 2014 addition, new Defensive Coordinator, Air Force veteran, solid dude. Hired on the strength of his #CrockpotWednesday potential.

Former Staff Members:

Coach Doug Mallory — Former Defensive Backfield Coach & Defensive Co-Coordinator, David Puddy look & soundalike. Also referred to as “Mr. Excitement” for his press conference persona.

Coach Seth Littrell — Former Offensive Coordinator, now at North Carolina. Looks like a cross between a young adult black bear and Burt Reynolds.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 4.57.39 PM

Coach Mike Ekeler — Assistant Coach/DC 2011-2012, currently at Georgia. Makes Red Bull nervous and has a suspiciously flat head. Lived in an RV plugged into Memorial Stadium for four months in 2011. Batshit crazy.

Coach Jon Fabris — 2012 addition to @FakeCoachWilson‘s staff coaching the Defensive Ends & Special Teams. Has that flinty crazy-eyed look that tells you he probably knows where the bodies are buried. Batshit crazy.

Places & Things:

Crockpots@FakeCoachWilson‘s love of slow cooking grew from his early days in Bloomington when his staff would gather in Coach Ekeler’s Holiday Rambler RV to sample Ro*Tel & Velveeta queso from what was described as Ekeler’s “magical crockpot”.

#CrockpotWednesday — a weekly tradition upheld by the @FakeCoachWilson‘s staff where the coaches take turns sharing slow cooker goodness with their peers each Wednesday lunch.

#crocksticker@FakeCoachWilson‘s reward to those who tweet in what they’re enjoying at their talgate or on #CrockpotWednesday. If you earn a #crocksticker, @FCW will mail you a real sticker.

#LaFlamaBlanca — The white helmets worn by #iufb starting in 2011. The name was inspired by Kenny Power’s Mexican white suit dubbed “The White Flame” in Spanish.

#LaFlamaRoja — The traditional crimson helmets worn by #iufb.

#LaFlamaDelChromo — The candy-striped chrome helmets added for 2013.


The Jumbotron — The ginormous scoreboard in the south end of Memorial Stadium, used for Wii & Xbox play, as well as Netflix movie nights.

Ro*Tel — Longtime sponsor from the BTN network. A pallet of 42 cases of Ro*Tel was found in the bowels of the West Stands of The Rock shortly after the arrival of @FakeCoachWilson.

The Cold Tub — Post-practice and postgame therapeutic ice baths endured by #iufb athletes. Never not funny when you watch the ice water come up to some poor dude’s man parts.

The Hot Tub — the backyard retreat of @FakeCoachWilson, source of postgame #hottubtweet reflections.

The Beer Fridge — treasured garage source of @FakeCoachWilson‘s tallboys.

#helmetsticker — Chief reward from @FakeCoachWilson for #iufb players and fans. Those who earn a #helmetsticker will be mailed a real sticker.

#victorybacon — Tradition good luck pre-game breakfast & postgame reward of @FakeCoachWilson.


Tallboys@FakeCoachWilson‘s favorite size of beers can, the 16 oz. “tallboy”. @FCW is known to drink Tecate, Old Style, PBR, or Bud Light tallboys. Regulation 12 oz. & larger 22 oz. cans have been know to be acceptable substitutes in a pinch.

#tallboythirty — The @FakeCoachWilson term for happy hour.

The NEZ — The North Endzone of Memorial Stadium, home of the #iufb offices in the west wing and Bossman Fred Glass’s offices in the east side. On better days, @FakeCoachWilson & staff have been know to shoot fireworks from the towers. Also location of the “Henke Hall of Justice”, the large hall used for public events at The NEZ.

Cougardome — nickname for the Mellencamp indoor practice facility.

Slapdick Olympics — the semi-annual walk-on tryouts held by @FakeCoachWilson‘s staff. Videos of the event have been known to be good for laughs in the dark cold days of winter.

Holiday Rambler Navigator — Former LB Coach Mike Ekeler’s family RV, which became famous when Ekeler arrived in Bloomington lived in the bus at Memorial Stadium for a period immediately after he was hired.

McNutt — IU Residence Hall that @FakeCoachWilson lived in briefly immediately after his hire. Generally named in reference to lessons learned while residing there.


Slapdick — Traditional coachtalk describing a half-ass knucklehead action.

#WinToday — Kevin Wilson watchwords.

#warhammer — taken from the 2013 @FakeCoachWilson schedule poster

#CrankItUp — Kevin Wilson standard.

#LockYerJaw — a classic Bill Mallory-ism

“Everybodycoolwiththat?” — From Michael Weireb’s seminal inside look at the new 2011 #iufb program on

“Runs through trash…” — a hard to tackle running back, a Kevin Wilson classic.

“Shit in his neck” — a hardnosed football player, from the Weinreb article.

* Any representation or mention of public figures in the @FakeCoachWilson universe is done in the spirit of parody. This undertaking is done to raise interest and enthusiasm for the Indiana University Football program. Go Hoosiers.