The Slapdick Bulletin Board: Ball State

* Adam Jacobi’s Big Ten Football: How a 5-8 Team Makes the 2013 Rose Bowl on Bleacher Report

Sure, you say it’s a cute little fantasy scenario about the Hoosiers lucking into the Rose Bowl, but what it really comes off as is pretty fucking poorly-written condescension.

* The whole damn website this week

That’s right — it’s a Ball State football fansite. They say there’s a fetish for pretty much just about fucking everything and this proves it. Honestly, you can’t fault the dude for his enthusiasm, knowledge, and opinions, but an “IU Hate Week”? Good luck with that.

Check out what the dude said talking with the Crimson Quarry blog.

…and finally, from right in Bloomington:

* “Game Time is Nap Time” from The Odyssey IU, the campus Greek community newspaper

Listen up, Tyler Van Douchenberg, if you’re looking to help improve the impression that members of Greek-lettered community make to others in Bloomington, don’t write stupid shit like this…

Friday additions:
* Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel’s Tom Davis: Coaching to be the difference in yet another Indiana loss
Hey Ft. Wayne — I thought we had a good thing going… (DiPrimio… we’re still cool…)