#CrockpotWednesday: Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper Cobbler

Working the long hours at The NEZ deep in the season when it counts deserves a little reward after dark — here’s a white trash kind of dessert to keep the sugar buzz going.

One 21 oz can of Cherry Pie Filling
One Devils Food Cake Mix
One 20oz bottle of Dr. Pepper
½ C Butter

*Grease your 3 quart Crockpot then evenly spread the cherries in the bottom.

*Add the dry cake mix and spread it out evenly.

*Add the Dr Pepper. Make sure that you don’t just pour it all in one spot. Use even motion and spread over the entire cake mix as best you can.

* Cube the Butter.

* Spread the cubed butter over the top of the Dr. Pepper froth.

*Add the lid and set on High for about two hours.

*When the two hours is up check to make sure it’s done. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

(Source: http://www.lifeshouldcostless.com/2011/07/dutch-oven-cobbler-in-crockpot.html)


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