The @FakeCoachWilson Fake Postgame Show: Wisconsin

Alright…. Isthisthingon?…

Let’s keep this pretty goddamm short… Doesn’t take a hell of a lot of insight to figure out how this Wisconsin game went down, so let’s we’ll just hit the bulletpoints:

1. Came out flat both sides of the ball — After the Iowa game, giving up a quick 14 didn’t seem that much of a deal. Then it got fucking worse.

2. Neither quarterback fired — Every game so far we’ve seen either Coffman or Sudfeld step up and play for stretches close to their potential. This week, not so much. There were moments, a couple of passes, especially to Bolser, that looked pretty good, but in generally this was the first weekend we got very little out of that position.

3. Matt Canada did a hell of a job in his game plan. — Did you see the motion and resets in the first quarter? The dude was pretty much scrambling the brains of our LBs with overloads right before the snap. Nice job by Canada getting the most out of his QB who a lot of slapdicks thought was going to be Wisconsin’s biggest liability.

4. Critical mistakes gave up big plays, killing any chance to get back in the game — Last season, we gave up a hell of a lot of big plays – blown coverage, bad blitzes, people out of position, etc.. This season our cats have gotten smarter and more disciplined. Still, this week we played into Canada’s gameplan and over-pursued. That’s what made the difference between coming out of halftime down 17-7 with the ball and being out of the game with no momentum and, at that point, a three possession gap.

5. Monte Fucking Ball (and the other guy who ran like Monte Fucking Ball) — Yeah, we gave up a shit ton of yards and three touchdowns to Monte Ball, but this cat is the Big Ten’s all-time touchdown leader. Taking nothing away from our damn disappointing effort, but Monte’s pretty damn good.

No #helmetstickers this week — let’s recognize all our cats who walked on Senior Day:

Larry Black Jr. (DT), David Blackwell (RB), Dimitrius Carr-Watson (FB), Mike Carter (FB), Charlie Chapman (OT), Javon Cornley (DE), Nick Freeland (K), Jerrell Kirlew (DT), Charles Love III (TE), Will Matte (C), Tyler McGuigan (DT), Adam Replogle (DT), Chad Roggeman (P), Nick Sliger (DT) Alexander Webb (S), Mitchell Voss (P).

Wisconsin Week #CrockpotWednesday: Beer and Cheese Potato Chowder

Hit me with the reader questions….

@Mike_Petry: Time to ask Nancy Boy for Cody’s *ahem* nutritional supplier? Need to keep building the beef on the lines.

Working on it — might be that brown “Lift Off” shit that Nancy Boy drinks. Speaking of thick… that Yogi kid is a solid looking cat muscle wise. If we can get Spriggs & Feeney marbled up like that, we’ll be in good shape.

@AOMextradry: You once had a mustache – would you have ever accepted the Purdue job if offered?

Strong tradition with Tiller & Hope… but honestly, hell to the no. After being at Northwestern, I learned here’s no way in hell I want to go to West Lafayette anymore than once every 700 days, much less raise five kids there. (Hey Lexy… make a note to ask Fred for a moustache bonus when we talk about an extension…)

Fuck’em if you can’t dance…

@JeffShowalter: Have you fired the idiot security guard? #tre

Word has it that after the game, one of those blackshirt ESB security knuckleheads wouldn’t let Tre Roberson into the weight room for a lift. Got a call in to Mike Leach for suggestions.

@cpedigo25: Montee Ball signing autographs during the game, whats up with that?

Hell, if you had that sort of career against one team, wouldn’t you?

Let’s finish up with one strong positive takeaway from this game — hell of a thing to see a really solid number of #iufb fans come out on a tremendous Saturday. Disappointing that the team wan’t able to sustain the sort of effort that would have brought out the best in the home crowd. We talk a lot about making progress and gaining on where we want this program to go — that goes for our fans as well. As #iufb does better, so will the size  and strength of our home crowd, but it’s fair to say that the 2012 season was a damn nice step forward.

Alrightyougood? Letsgetbacktowork.

Photo from @headasue


Photo from @lindseybmadsen

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